, 2019-05-09 00:05:56
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Car-Net activation.

This is how you activate Car-Net.

This is where you find out how to activate your online services in the portal. 
You can also activate the services via your Car-Net app or the infotainment system in your Volkswagen.

Activation via the portal.

Set up Car-Net from the comfort of your home. This video will explain how to activate Volkswagen’s online services in a few simple steps using the Car-Net portal.  Use your home PC or tablet and access the versatile world of Car-Net services.

Get your mobile online services in your Volkswagen. Activate Car-Net now.

Activation using the Car-Net app.

Activate Volkswagen’s mobile online services - no matter where you are, it’s easy when you use your smartphone. Naturally not if you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of your Volkswagen.

Quickly and easily create a user account using the Car-Net app and access mobile online services from your vehicle. This video shows you each of the steps you have to go through.

Below you will also find written instructions that detail all the steps.

Reach your destination feeling more relaxed. Activate Car-Net now.

Activation using your infotainment system.

You can quickly and easily activate Car-Net from your parked vehicle by using your infotainment system. This video guides you through the activation process in your vehicle. Find out the steps you need to follow to benefit from Car-Net. Right in your Volkswagen.

You can also download and print out written instructions.

Now you can set up Car-Net and use Volkswagen’s online services.

Creating an internet connection.

In addition to having an active Car-Net licence, you need an internet connection in your vehicle in order to benefit from the mobile online services. Various options are available, depending on your vehicle’s features. This video introduces the available options and goes through each of the steps.

If you’d like to read through the instructions, please find downloadable written instructions below.

Use Car-Net’s practical services. Go online now.

Now you can set up Car-Net and use Volkswagen’s online services.